Trickster Online

            A million dollar fortune awaits you on a faraway island. All you have to do is pack your bags and head to Caballa Island to participate in a game know as Trickster. Caballa Island serves as the setting for Trickster Online, a free real-time MMORPG (Massive multiplayer online role-playing game) that has been constantly revamped with updates and events ever since it premiered on August 4, 2006. Although the genre of MMORPG stirs up thoughts of having to grind (to endlessly kill the same monsters to gain progress), Trickster Online is an MMORPG with a different twist that attracts new players and keeps veteran players hooked into the game.

            The story follows the post-death of billionaire Don Cavalier, owner of the Megalo Company, one of the world’s greatest development companies. He passes away; leaving a note behind, stating that a desert island has opened up in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. This island, Caballa Island serves as the stage of his final masterpiece, Trickster to win Cavalier’s fortune and all of the Megalo Company. People from different backgrounds and countries begin to flock to this Pacific Island to claim a piece of his fortune, and by the billionaire’s will, the gameTrickster begins.

            The game play is fairly simple and slow paced. It starts out with a choice of 4 unique type characters, each type with a male and female counterpart each with different professions and reasons for coming to Caballa Island. Although each type has two characters, both eventually separate into a different skill path. Once a choice is made, Trickster Online practically plays itself. A generic battle system is included, which requires you to use your mouse to target a monster by clicking on it. For convenience, keyboard shortcuts are added and the option to bind skills to a hot bar that makes the battle system trouble-free. But Trickster Online has brought with it a unique game play concept that separates it from other MMORPGs: the drilling system. The system is easily understandable. You can buy or find drills in various locations in the game and drill items from the ground. It may seem tedious at first, but it is highly rewarding as you earn money, obtain useful items, gain experience and TM experience (skill experience), and it offers an alternative way to train yourself aside from the traditional way of killing monsters. Aside from drilling, Trickster Online offers another easy way to level up and progress through the game without any type of grinding. The questing system consists of NPCs (Non-playable characters) that assign you with an objective that usually is done 5 times (with the exception of story quests). The objectives can vary to killing a certain number of monsters in a given time, to obtain an item whether it is from drilling or monsters, finding cards, or just following the story of Trickster Online. The quests give you sufficient experience to help you easily ascend through levels. The questing system is such a great alternative to grinding that you can play this game for about an hour or two a day and still gain a few levels.

            The graphics of Trickster Online isn’t eye-popping, only because the game is created in a 2-D platform. The graphics are cartoon-like, and each place is designed so that no two regions of the game look the same. The areas also come with special animations that are enjoyable to take a slight glance at and special firefly-like lighting effects when it is nighttime in-game.Trickster Online also comes with a display of unique game-related artwork that shows whenever you are traveling to a different region. The BGM (background music) also goes along with the environment graphics very well, and sets a mood that corresponds with the moment with ambient sound effects. The music is an aspect of the game that you would not expect to be well-crafted by SG Interactive. The BGM is instrumentally ear pleasing to the point where it is unnecessary to open your iTunes or Windows Media Player music library whenever you play this game.

            Overall, the game is a slow-paced MMORPG that comes with a friendly community. SG Interactive also sends GMs (Game masters) into the game to interact with the players and have a memorable experience with them. The dedication that the producers bring to Trickster Online is indefinably excellent. Events are always released in which unique in-game items or cash shop items can be earned by doing community-based objectives. With these events, it is not required to pay money to obtain cash shop items. Therefore, you will never feel weak in the game for not getting items from the cash shop unlike other MMORPGs. Trickster Online is free to play, and does not require endless hours of playtime. The staff commitment has kept me hooked onto the game for 3 years and counting. Surely, this is a free 2-D MMORPG worth playing with no risk involved. 

Justin Fang
Age 13, Grade 8
Mark Twain I.S. 239 for the Gifted and Talented
Silver Key

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