Scholarly, et al


To be scholarly

Means taking a long journey

But I am willing.

Take Advantage of Life Early

A boy in school is not a child behind bars

He is free, free to pick and choose

He has the right to reach for the stars

But he definitely cannot lose

Commitments are made

Whether academics, sports, music, or art

But all four together is when one should be afraid

The schedule is full from the start

But against all that doubt

He who can succeed

Should let out a shout

And be proud of that deed

Everyone tries this, but few ever accomplish it

Those who do, your future is lit.

Knowledge is the Key

The thirst for knowledge

Is a personal drive that

Encourages you

To reach as high as you can

Only you can stop yourself

Christopher Moy
Age 13, Grade 8
Hunter College High School
Silver Key

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