King Phillip’s War Through the Eyes of Kids

Snowbird’s Entry

Dear diary,

Today was almost the same as any day. It was my turn to sit in the hut to scare birds away. It is my favorite job because I get to sit in the cool shade rather than in the hot sun working. We were harvesting corn which is what we mostly eat, but I also love to eat fish and deer. Deer is my favorite out of them all. What made today different was when all the men in my tribe went away to Plymouth. I thought we were friends with the English, but my mother said we are no longer friends with them, because they have betrayed us and hurt our people.I have a best friend inside of the colony I bet this so called war will blow over so then I can go to Plymouth and play with my good friend Mary. I hope they are right about this because it is worthless to have blood shed for no good reason at all. Especially blood of a good friend.

Mary Johnson’s Entry

Today something out of ordinary happened.

I was working in the house as usual cleaning, cooking and making soap and candles with my mother and my sisters. Then my father rushed in with his face pale with worry. He yelped, “The…. Indian’s are… coming… for ….for w ..w … war!” Then he ran down stairs to the storehouse. I thought we were friends with the Indians . I have an Indian friend named Snowbird. She is about my age and very nice. I bet she did not have to do with this maybe her tribe leader Phillip had to with this I hope nothing bad happens to Snowbird because she did not start this war. My whole family except my sisters and I now think all Indians are bad. I hope this war ends soon or else this will not be pretty at all.

Sunshine’s Entry

Dear Diary,

Today was a day of great sorrow. Today it was my turn to make new clothes for the winter, I love how the warm deerskin makes me feel. I was making mine extra special with lots of shell beads, thanks to the tools the nice Pilgrims gave us…. or so I thought. Why I said today was a day of sorrow was Phillip our tribe chief announced that we were going to war with the English which meant my father had to go out to war. Me being very tall it was hard to make friends in my tribe, but I had become friends with an English boy that was the same height as me, we have become great friends. I hope he does not get hurt nor the good people of my tribe.

Johnathan Wells’ Entry

Dear Journal,

Today was a day that our ancestors will forever regret. I am somewhat exited for the war because I get to do something else than sit around and do boring chores, like carry boxes and bring my master iron. My master finally needs me to make swords and axes for the war. It is even more fun than I imagined! But the part I am unhappy about is my good pals are going in the war and promise they are going to kill and bring the head of my good Indian friend Sunshine who I have been friends with since I’ve been little. Thankfully because I know how to make shields I will make her the finest steel shield of any apprenticing blacksmith in all of Massachusetts! I hope the war turns out to be a lot of work so I will never have to be bored ever again!

EagleWing’s Entry

Dear journal,

Today is the worst day I have ever encountered. We are going to war with the English which is horrible. First of all the English took all of our precious guns. Second is we have no shields except for my sister Sunshine. She is so lucky that her good friend (also my good friend) John gave her a steel shield secretly or else she would have gotten in big trouble. He wrote her a letter saying he somehow did not get in trouble which I was surprised about. Basically my tribe is set in the perfect position to lose this war which would honestly be awful to everyone and every thing that lives in this lovely area. If this war ends badly all the pilgrims and all of the indians in Massachusetts will fall.

The Shield Exchange

It was a cold night both John and Sunshine had prepared a few nights before. Sunshine slid out of the animal pelts slowly but surely. But she slipped on one and made a huge thud. She heard some rustling and ran toward the pelts and slid back in just to be safe. Thankfully her brother had just turned over and made a loud snore. She took her bag and ran out the hut. Then she ran back in to get some animal pelts after she had felt the sharp bitter blades of the cold and made a dash for the secret exit that she and her brother had made. She ran as quietly as possible to the exit. She had to look for it because it was so well hidden even she, the one who had made it, could not find it. Then she remembered it had the one moss rock on the entrance. She found it and snuck past the guards and ran into the cold dark forest.

John had crawled out of bed with the shield under his pillow. It was quite uncomfortable to sleep with it though. He took his shoes and tip-toed down the stairs and made sure he had his satchel with the shield inside. He got his coat and made sure his master was asleep (which he was) and headed out. He was nervous that someone he knew might be out and tell his master that they had seen him which was his biggest worry. But he already had a solution. His mother had made him a cloak which he took with him so his face could not be seen. He had made sure it was a night when the gourds had a break so he got out easily. He ran toward the spooky dark forest and ran to meet Sunshine. The two of them met with out saying a word. John gave Sunshine the shield and Sunshine gave him a nod of thanks. John tried to say something but Sunshine put up her hand as if she was saying “just go”. Then they both went back to the opposite sides of the forest and back to their homes thinking about the horrors ahead.

Lauren Banks
Age 12, Grade 7
Writopia Lab
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