Art, et al


Art begins with



And the stroke of a brush


It continues with desire…

But what else?

Art is a craft of knowledge

A friend,

An expression,

An emotion,

A neighbor to people who need it.

Late Summers Day

I feel the light breeze against my cheeks,

The misty air against my legs,

The last sliver of sun disappears,

It gets cold,

I shiver,

Wishing I had brought my sweater along like ma said,

I wrap my hands around me trying to keep warm,

I feel the soft sand below me,

I see the dark sky above me,

Will I ever feel this way again?

Spring Awaiting

I feel the scent of spring coming in,

I see the sky turn from a dull gray to an eye piercing blue,

I feel the world around me turn from tired and unrested to happy and energetic,

The cheery blossoms bloom,

While the sun shines down upon them,

I am awaiting spring,

It has finally arrived.

Neely Yates
Age 13, Grade 7
Writopia Lab
Gold Key

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