A Postcard, et al

A Postcard

A postcard that I will never send.


These stamps do not cover the cost

of it all!

A postcard that is too heavy,

Images of you imprinted on it, all of which

I will never forget.

A postcard so rare and delicate,

The corners of its edges withered

and broken.

Unfocused, focused, my eyes too rainy and heavy.

They just want to close shut

but all that I do see clearly

is a postcard.

A postcard with all seasons,

all memories, to be soon lost

forever, soon it will be lit aflame

with the burning beat of the heart,

drowned in the midnight rain pour

And lifted high up in the sky

As the wind catches it

And sends it on its way.


Imagine me as I would be


Carry me on the peaks of your shoulders.

Listen to the rhythm of my sing-song voice.

Feel the soft thumps of my feet as they beat your chest.

Hold my hands for they reach too far up,

only to bring them back down to the concrete

ground of the gray sidewalk.

Lift my head as you bow yours.

Teach me not to fear

the ghouls and monsters hiding in my closet.

Tell me not to fear because

You love me.

Tell me you will never forget me

as your parents wish for you to.

Watch my unborn heart stop beating

in my mother’s chest and in yours.


I hear the screeches

and the roars

Ringing in the dark black sky.

Where creatures loom in the night

with slinking eyes

and stone fists.

They hide in the darkness.

They lurk in the far back wall of an alley.

Fear gets them excited;

They smell it like hound dogs and call to each other for prey.


for the light you may see

comes from the glint of sharp metal.

Plundering on the soft and the meek

I must not be the one they seek.

The clock tower strikes twelve,

each ring a warning

for my strides to be quicker.



It goes, as it pounds my head.

I rush along through the darkness

and enter the mighty arc

of my home door.

They did not get me this time.

Not this time.

Monica Chin
Age 16, Grade 11
Girls Write Now
Gold Key

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