I Don’t Understand & Elizabeth’s Sample

I Don’t Understand

I don’t understand

Harsh words

Shot at me, creating indents in my pride

I don’t understand

The faults others find in


I don’t understand

That shadow in the cave

But that is why they are there

Arms full of


All I have to do is throw in a hook and hope to

Catch one

He can explain

The confusing ways of adults

A concept too big for me to grasp

And also there is him

One who thinks he knows all

But who really knows not

This one presents facts and numbers and dates

Misconceptions, too

She who bakes cakes

Her arms are full like theirs

I receive

Wise soft words

They all help to make the

Puzzle complete

The never-ending puzzle

Of a child’s


I stare at the sampler hanging on my grandmother’s wall

Fine threads frayed and stained

Sunlight from years past has turned the once rosy pinks into dusty colors

Letters in a row, A B C D E F G…

The bird is alive

Blue, white

Red, brown

Perched on a branch ready for flight

Soaring to me from Elizabeth

Taking with it stories of the past

My grandmother’s great-grandmother’s sampler passed down like an old story

Created with care and thought

Yarns clutching to the memory of a small girl industriously stitching

Reminding the woman she became of who she was

Elizabeth’s Sample

A picture watching a girl grow up

There when Elizabeth fell in love

Sitting in an attic as she got married

It saw her raise two daughters

Lose a third, her own life too

I see the little girl

Firelight flickers on her face

Her little hands softly bob up and down

Weaving carefully

Creating a treasure

A part of me peeks through

She sat stitching, I keep writing

Elizabeth’s life hangs on the wall?Joy


One hundred fifty years of stories captured in its thread

My grandmother tells me what is beneath the bird on the branch

Amanda Roberts
Age 13, Grade 8
Trinity School
Gold Key

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