Angels Come Only Once in a Lifetime

Under a lonely moon swimming in gossamer clouds, he brought his tenth cigarette to his lips and flicked his bic to light it. He stood in the shadows of the only street with burnt out streetlamps surrounded by the cigarette butts of tonight’s smoke. He puffed out little ghosts to accompany him before they drifted away and melted into transparent air.

On the other side of the street, he watched a woman’s shadow emerge on the pavement before the streetlamps lit her features. Her brown locks bounced with each willowy step as she swayed her hips. Her long eyelashes formed dark crescent shadows on her plump cheeks as the light fell on her heart shaped face.

With a graceful step, she turned on her heel, and walked towards him as though she could see him standing in the thick concealing shadows. He made no movement to avoid startling her in case she didn’t notice his presence, but she walked right up to him until they were mere centimeters apart. Her scent of lavenders and vanilla mingled with his of cigarettes and coffee. His trimmed beard grazed the top of her curls as she tilted her head to look up at the cigarette perched between his lips.

She plucked it right out and held it between her long slender fingers. He exhaled his ghosts again and they danced around them, before she inhaled them deeply. He glanced down at her and caught a glint flash in her dark eyes. She flicked the cigarette beside his foot to join the rest of his cigarettes. It flared up as it bounced against the cement.

She smiled up at him and stomped it out before turning to walk away. He stared after her as she headed back to the same spot her shadow first emerged. She melted into the shadows at the other end of the street without turning back for a single glance. As soon as the darkness consumed her, every streetlamp flickered to its death. And under a lonely moon swimming in gossamer clouds, he had his last cigarette.

Sarah Aly
Age 16, Grade 11
Young Womens Leadership School
Silver Key

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