Deadly Fight

The glassy sky, so clear to the eye

His fingers brushes helplessly, against a sea of words, nearly enough to flood the world

Swiftly he glides mindlessly, like a baby swallow’s first flight

Ignorantly, the small bird doesn’t realize that his delicate, fragile wings fight to carry his weight

A navy blue blur goes by splashing him with a whipping breeze

He falls gracefully, like a glinting snow flake tittering through the frigid air

It happens so fast, he can’t even think a last thought

Suddenly, he springs out of his clam trans and his act becomes a reality a icy panic creeps through his veins

As if he committed murder, he mindlessly wasted a life away, peered at the pools of blood, which he lay in now trickling; throughout his heartless body

His last cry for help is rapidly silenced

The ground is cruel and unforgiving

His body soon crippled and clung to the pavement, as if giving me, my last hug

instant pain shot through his body, but he was so broken he couldn’t shout for my aid

The world became blurred and the mother bird and her children peered at the paint splattered ground that was her son

Taken by satin, he lay peacefully, never to awake

All I wanted was my goodbye.

Rachel Meyers
Age 14, Grade 9
The Hewitt School
Silver Key

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