There Will Be Light

 Turning my head towards the car window, I watched as the snow angels danced onto the pavement. Squinting, I can see their faces, smiling at their friends, joining in on the movement. In the cold, they form a society of hands, leaving no man, excuse me, angel, behind. As the wheels rush to a quick break, and I walk into the beautifully carved building, I enter my society. I enter my love. I enter the theatre.

Music has always been a pathway for me to enter another world. A world in which I live through another's life. A world in which I am not me. A world where I can learn more about human nature. Music is a way for people to find a connection with others; it is something that keeps people sane. It helps me focus and keep on task throughout my daily activities. I live on a tight, well organized schedule on a day to day basis. I proportion my time out for classes, eating dinner with my family, studying for upcoming examinations, doing homework, and keeping my brain in a stable state. However, I always need to include music and performance in my daily life.

Let me give you a sneak preview.

When I was a little girl you could watch me dance front stage center to the sweet music that is Barney. Actually, I exaggerated just a bit: My living room was a beautiful formatted stage for a 2 year old. I would watch the episodes on repeat, making sure I got every lyric and dance move down perfect. My parents would encourage my little hobby, taking out the video camera to shoot my little music videos. You have to admit, it's pretty cute. This was the beginning of my theatre career, and throughout my life, I will always remember those video sessions in my house, as I twirled around in my tutu, my dad manning the camera, my mother taking on the role of director. My family has always been there for me, supporting me with every step I took, and will take. Music helps bring my family together, and I could never ask for anything more than to bring my two loves together; my family and my music.

Care to fast forward to High School? Am I rushing you? I really hope not, I was growing fond of you as my reader, I would hate to displease you.

 I attend the prestigious, Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music and Art and the Performing Arts, located in Lincoln Center in Manhattan. As a sophomore I have classes from 8:00 to 4:09 Monday through Friday. You can say it's a hectic week, waking up everyday at 530 only to get back home 12 hours later from school. Some friends I know from Long Island exclaim that it's insane that I bother to go through all the trouble to attend a school in Manhattan. Quite frankly, it's the school and it's programs that push me to wake up at the ghastly time of 5:30. This year, in addition to my educational classes, I am taking: Voice 3, a class dedicated to French Repertoire, Show Choir, a musical theatre course(just think of the hit T.V show Glee), Girls Chorus, a class in which instruction and training in choral singing techniques is encouraged and enforced, and Music Theory, where I learn melodic, rhythmic, harmonic dictations, and ear training exercises to strengthen my ears. It is such a pleasure to walk into an environment where everyone knows what they want to accomplish by the end of the day. I have never met more colorful, beautiful people in my entire life.


Another thing music has done for me was strengthen my relationships with those that have always been around me. As a human, people often try hard to become friends with those that inspire them. People often forget about those surrounding them that try so hard to become one's friend. Throughout my elementary and middle school life, I did not have a tight circle of friends. Sure, some were closer to me than others, but, for the most part, I was equally friendly with everyone I met, and didn't create strong bonds with any one person. One girl, who has the greek name meaning, “God Is gracious” was an on and off friend with me for about eight years from the time we were both five years old. In the first grade we had little wars in the classroom. Name calling, color pencil stealing, and crayon abusing summarizes our old friendship. Over the years, we grew up(learned more vocabulary other than “meanie”) and watched each other find ourselves in life. We sang in our elementary and middle school choral programs and had play dates outside of school. In Middle School, we even performed onstage together for the annual musicals. Now in High School, we are over the name calling and I can gratefully call her my best friend. We laugh at the intense play dough fighting moments we had growing up, and look at it as a funny memory in the past. Music takes a huge role in both of our lives, as we both are refining our musical skills for our future. Music brought me to my best friend. I don't think I could ever ask for anything more out of life than to have someone that I can count on to be there when I need someone.

To conclude, I still have a lot to learn. I watch Broadway performances often to learn from my idols. One being Adam Pascal, a man who grew up in Syosset, New York who in 1996 originated the role of Roger Davis in Jonathan Larson's RENT. I believe this is an appropriate time to explain that his voice is beyond anything I have heard on this planet? Yes this was an appropriate time, and yes, it is as smooth as butter on toast. Broadway has been the one underlying substance in my life that makes sense and connects the pieces of my life together. A lot of adults live their lives settling for jobs that bring them wealth, not happiness. If I could make it to the big stage and get those beautiful butterflies I get when I see the audience smiling back at my every night, I know that I chose the right path for myself. The feelings I received when children ran to the stage door of Cinderella, where I was portraying the Fairy Godmother, asking for magical wishes are unlike any feeling I have ever experienced. The look in the little boys and girls eyes, looking up to me like I was their idol. I felt so needed and special. Because of this, I do know that the only place I can see myself is on the stage, and I will continue to refine my skills until I originate a role in a Broadway show. Is it hard? Yes. Can I do it? Yes.

I performed as a townsperson in Oliver! In the 6th grade. I have been hooked ever since. 

Michelle Belio
Age 15, Grade 10
Fiorello H. Laguardia High School of Music
Silver Key

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