A Song in a Bottle

The times when the world doesn’t have a grasp on her

she teeter-totters on the brink of her sanity and the brink of the world.

She can’t talk, but when her fingers delicately ease back the smooth wood and

reveal a new realm of black and white

she can sing and her eyes

turn into stars tumbling into the sea

it’s funny to me

the sea paints its own tides into lonely, psychedelic murals and rolls them

across the world but where do they even go?

Everything disappears into splattering frenzy and I can’t even tell if

the stars are soundlessly whirling into black holes

and the heavens are straining to fall to earth

and the oceans are trying to escape into the skies.

Jianing Wang
Age 14, Grade 9
Hunter College High School
Silver Key

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