I Dream of a Father, et al

I Dream of A Father
I dream of a father
Who’s much more than a name without a face
With no directions which I could trace
I dream of a father
Who can wipe the tears from my cheek
When I discover that fairy tales are surreal, and life is not always ok
I dream of a father
Who can liven me from the death of unsteady breaths
And purify me from the sins carved on my flesh
I dream of a father
A father who knows what it means to be a father
To cradle a child in his big, strong arms as we warns me of all struggles
I dream of a father
To whom I am not a garbage can in which to dispose a Y chromosome
And leave my heart battered, bruised, and alone
I dream of a father
Who loves me with a love so unconditional that I swear he is God
And I tell God, i thought you said that no one loves me unconditionally like you do, well God, I have a father who does, a father in whom I can trust
To never leave me, deceive me
Always be with me
I dream of a father
Who sees my face in his, the fragility of my wings, who taught me the lullaby I continue to sing
I dream of a father
Who is not the reason for my tears, the manifestation of my purest fears
The cause of pity among my peers
I dream of a father
A father with a heart big enough to love me, to hold me, and nurture me
I dream of a father
A father who swears that parenthood is as sacred a sacrament as marriage
And tells me daughter, I’ll be with you till death do us apart
I dream of a father…
A father who did not leave me with only a dream

I Want
I want to write
With the unbridled passion of a mistress and her lover
I want my words to carry their own melodious rhythm
To only which my soul knows the song
I want to inspire
I do not to only leave footsteps on the earth, but also finger prints, and head presses
Dammit, I want my entire body to leave an imprint
I want you to be my Saturn
And the creations of my fingertips to be your rings, cocooning you in an everlasting kiss
I want to touch you
To create a cataclysmic reaction indise of your body whose sole purpose is hope
Hope for a better future, hope for a life full of joy where your dreams are your reality and your reality is your dreams, and they are one together, for they are each other
I want to see tears fall from your eyes
From the beauty of my words, and the sweetness of a truth revealed for eternity
I want there to be no pain,
To break free the chain of fear,injustice, unveil the demise; there is no sweetness in lies
I want to be an ocean
And my words to be the boat on the river to which you are a passenger, rowing slowly to my sea
I want to be your virtue and vice
The essential crop to your diet, if we were in South America, I’d be your rice
I want to hold you
Like a mother cradles her child in her warmth, like a child holds her knees to her chest
I want to love you
With a love so raw that it hurts and leaves me crying, yearning, pleading
I want to show you the world through a whole new lens
Let me be your camera, and my words the resolution
A photograph of mere infusion…of reality
I want something so grand that it cannot be expressed
With this poem, confined to the rusted bars of my chest
I want…

Together We Are Sinners
Condemn us all to eternal damnation
Our battered souls seek for salvation
Pleading for mercy from hypocritical sinners
Who are you to judge what we hold within us?
Love knows no gender, nor race, nor name
Love is blind; to it we are one in the same
May we burn in the fiery pits of hell
For love enclosed within two white veils.
He, who is without sin, cast the first stone,
Feigned purity becaue your sins are unknown.
Closed doors hide your twisted mistake
You silence your poisons simply for our sake
Beaten children, mass murder, additiction to pornographic sites,
And you claim that the biggest sinner is I,
Why? Because I have chosen a woman to be my wife?
You say the devil revels in my soul
Consumes all my purity, leaves me bereft of hope…
I say you are no better
Your wife lies crying at home as your mistress makes the hotel bed sheets wetter
You see a group of sinners, without a name,
The devil’s advocates we bring you shame
I see a soul wanting to be set free,
I am not judged by my character, rather condemned for my sexuality.
In the depths of my despair, I will look into your eyes
Unveil your demise,
Only then can you realize,
That I am your reflection in a purer mirror
And I embrace you, blind man, for together we are sinners
But as you ignorant fool wait in front of the putrid Gates of Hell
I will look down upon you from Heaven and bid you farewell

Taysha Clark
Age 17, Grade 12
Aquinas High School
Silver Key

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