Possibilities in a Pane of Glass, et al

Possibilities in a Pane of Glass

Did you ever

Notice how bus

Windows are just a little too

High to see out of

It could be an attempt to make


People uncomfortable or it

Could be to always keep you on your edge or

Or maybe it’s on

Purpose to

Draw attention to the


And if that’s the goal than it’s working ‘cause the

Sky is beautiful right now with the dark grey clouds

And the bright colorless sky and all the possibilities just

Presented to you no hiding now just



There was a girl who had everything

She could talk and laugh and make others laugh.

One day someone stole her voice and hid

It in her shadow.

She was stuck with the taste of honey,

And the soft ssss of her last word floating in the air.

When she spoke the next word,

Silence fell out and clanged to the floor

So loudly the whole class turned

To stare and they could say


And did.

She tried again and more


Fell out.

Can’t Stop Now

Crumpling the edge of the

Page in my nervous hand rolling the corner back

And forth and back and forth and—and—and

Gazing at the cold printed words until they became just

Words emptied of meaning and staring some more until they

Blurred and the last person just finished

I’m next so not even

Hearing her and still sitting and still frozen and still

— Next? —

And then rising on legs that don’t realize their

Job is to be steady and refocusing my

Eyes and the words appear and they gain meaning

Again and I open my mouth and sound comes out and it’s

Covered in rust but I keep going can’t stop now can’t stop


Everyone’s quiet and their faces are tilted up like flowers to the sun like moths to the light

Looking at


And they are expecting something and I don’t know what they are

Thinking but can’t stop now can’t stop so

The words roll out of my mouth and I’m

Choking on them the faces tilted toward me look


October Snow

This weekend it snowed and

Snowed and

Snowed and it was only October. I

Had tests and labs and homework due Monday so I

Stayed inside the whole weekend, sitting

In front of my computer gazing

Blankly at the screen.

Time passed in short jerks

Sometimes inching slowly

i could count to ten faster than the clock meandered over to two

Then speeding past so quickly

all I could do was hold on to

time’s ankles and be pulled along.

I missed the snow. I would look over to see the flakes falling past my window

Dusting the ground and sticking lightly to

Cars and trees and anything in its way

The snow was gone by

Monday mourning. Except

For one car that

Hadn’t moved and was still covered with a thick layer of

Snow. I dipped my hands into it

Crunched it into a ball. Threw it at

The ground:


On the bus I

Looked out the misty window

Along the park most cars had snow piled on their roofs

The trees were full of it

Snow wedged in between the branches and balanced on leaves.

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