King of Asphalt, Fossil & Peaceful


Lying in the middle

Of the road.

His stately plumage

Exposed in full splendor,

Beak agape and saucer-eyed,

The pigeon stretched his

Neck disproportionally, as if

Trying to escape

The red beetle of

His heart, slowly crawling,

Its featherless, yellow claws

Stark against the

Pavement, and

The flies.


Rising bit by bit

Like a ghost

It must have

Felt lost amid the

Fractured frenzy,

A forest of yellow tents,

Not of trees.

It must have felt


Slowly pieced together

From sand

From sieve.

Its hollow eyes

Must barely have

Recognized its



Two cold white-headed

Wood ducks.

Bicycle resting on the grass

Beneath an old ash.

Breeze hitting the wall sprays up

Like ocean.

Reflections of wispy pale clouds ebb miles

Under the shallow bay.

Seeds glide to the ground from the dry

Remains of cattails.

Nearby in an alcove a raft of brown

Maple leaves bobs.

Two white-headed clouds rest on the wall

Like maple seeds.

Reflections of ducks bob beneath

Remains of ocean.

Nicholas Watters
Age 16, Grade 12
Saint Ann’s School
Silver Key

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